Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge

8588 Route 148
Marion, IL  62959

Phone:  618-997-3344

Helpful Links:

  • Crab Orchard NWR- Website
  • Crab Orchard NWR on Facebook
  • Crab Orchard NWR – Auto Tour: Drive through the restricted area of the Crab Orchard Refuge. Part 1 of he tour starts at the Wolf Creek Causeway. Take the Wolf Creek exit east of the Carterville four-way lights. Cross Old 13, and the causeway is just down the road. Take Part 2 of the tour, just off Rt. 148 south of the Visitors Center. Here’s what you might see: Deer, turkeys, bobcats, eagles, all kinds of wildlife. (Special “Guided Tours” occur occasionally but the Drive is open to drive year round.