Welcome to our site

For years Barbara and Dandy have traveled together enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors. In recent years our inability to negotiate many outdoor trails has limited our traveling destination options.  Not wanting to discontinue traveling we began looking for places that were more accessible for walkers, wheelchairs and crutches – even places with access for viewing  nature and wildlife right from the car or by walking to nearby accessible viewing platforms.
This site is the ever evolving list of nature and wildlife locations, we’ve discovered, where you can enjoy views right from your car. We share links to maps and details to locations we’ve found. We also share photos of some locations we’ve visited.  Our goal is to simplify the process for you to quickly “Discover accessible places to view nature and wildlife right from your car.
We constantly add new destinations to the appropriate pages as we discover or hear about new locations so come back often.  A Page has been developed to  provide you with a way to submit suggestions of locations you’ve discovered.   If you submit photos your name will be acknowledged for your submitted photos.