About Us

For years Barbara and Dandy travelled together enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors. In more recent years our inability to negotiate many outdoor trails limited our traveling destination options.

Not wanting to discontinue traveling we began looking for places that were more accessible for walkers, wheelchairs and crutches – even places with access for viewing  nature and wildlife right from the car or by carefully walking to nearby accessible viewing platforms.

Thus a new quest began: finding nature and wildlife locations where we could view nature right from our car.  As we searched the web, we found lots of “wildlife viewing locations,” however, finding these locations – where you could drive trails/paths/loops and pause along the trail to actually view or photograph the wonders of nature right from the car was not easy and very time consuming.  With due diligence we began making our list of places we could visit.  

Thus a new creation began:  my yellow pad, listing places we wanted to visit, became a website. We have tried to provide a resource naming sites and providing links, details, and photos of locations where others could quickly find “Wildlife Viewing Drives.”

Our website is indeed a “work in progress” as we continually find and add new locations. 

I dedicate this site to my friend Barbara, who began this journey with me.  She is no longer with us but her spirit and love for nature continues to journey with me.