Creole Nature Trail

All-American Road – Southwest Louisiana (180 mile route)
Lake Charles, LA

Phone: 337-436-9588

Five federal and state wildlife refuges and sanctuaries are an integral part of the Creole Nature Trail All-American Road. Read More…

The following locations are part of the Creole Nature Trail drive and  include wildlife drives within the refuge:

The following locations are part of the Creole Nature drive but do not include Wildlife drives within the sanctuary or refuge:

Helpful Links:

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  • Creole Nature Trail Map
  • Main Trail Loop 
    • Sulphur south to Holly Beach (37 miles)
    • Holly Beach east to Oak Grove (25 miles)
    • Oak Grove north to Lake Charles (39 miles)
    • Creole to Lake Charles (36.6 miles)
  • Trail Spurs
    • Western Spur – Holly Beach west to Texas Border (27 miles)
    • Eastern Spur – Oak Grove east to Rockefeller WLR (31 miles)
    • LaCassine Spur – Holmwood to the Lacassine NWR “Pool” (19 miles)
  • A FREE personal tour app of the Creole Nature Trail is available in iTunes for iPhone and Google Play for Andriod.  The App is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.